Twitch Prime
Twitch Prime is a premium experience that included in an Amazon Prime membership, that is geared towards gamers. It includes bonus games and exclusive content, a channel subscription every month at no additional cost, exclusive emotes, and chat badge. The focus of the project is on the Loot Page, where Prime members can collect free perks from games regularly, as part of the benefits of becoming a member. We aimed to clearly communicate the value of Prime membership and enhance the experience of the loot redemption process, in an effort to retain user subscription.
Design Goal
  • Standardize in-game loot pages for all the games
  • Effectively communicate Twitch Prime benefits, in order to increase Prime membership retention
  • Construct a clear information hierarchy within the page while creating a cohesive visual language through iconography to support messaging
what is loot?
In video games, loot describes valuable items picked up by the player character over the course of the game, such as in-game currency, spells, equipment and weapons.
Standardizing Loot page
Over the course of six weeks, I came up with a refreshed loot page layout where users can efficiently redeem the offerings in an easy manner. As validated through usability tests, users fully understood the features and value of the loot page.
Information architecture
Actionable Copy
The redesigned portion above the fold includes copy that excites the user by highlighting the exclusivity of the offer and social proof of peers claiming the loot.
Clear Prime Benefits
For gamers who are considering Twitch Prime membership, a section with Prime membership's immediate value-add is showcased in the loot page.
Understandable Process
Gamers who are new to Twitch Prime can now easily understand the redemption process with a 3-step instruction.